Beyond The Box

From turning fitness into a lifestyle to giving your brand the cutting edge and everything in between;
the creative powerhouse that is Delta has a solution that will best suit you.

Fitness Fanatic

Are you looking to get fit but really don’t enjoy the typical gym session? Well Delta has the perfect fitness solution for you. Through her experience working in different gyms and being partner to her very own; she has established interesting ways to get that summer body all year round in the comfort of her private gym or your home. From dance workouts to bootcamps with a twist, she’ll have you in tip top condition before you even realise just how many hours you’ve put in to getting fit.


She may be pint-sized but this fierce young woman has worked on some really big modelling campaigns. As she would put it, Delta is an abstract model which means she often breaks the stereotypes of the modelling world.

Delta has modelled and done campaigns for brands such as Virgin Active, Spar Tops, Coca-Cola and Lucky Star to mention just a few.

Take a closer look at Delta’s modelling profile on Lampost.


Not only is Delta an accomplished dancer, musician and model but she has also been known as the perfect host for any event.

From hosting youth focused motivational talks with 3RC (Three Ring Circus) to being the master of ceremonies at brand launches for Shesha Lifestyle, Coco in Rosebank, the Moto Z launch, Amped Africa and Dance Star competitions to name but a few. There is never a crowd too big or small.

Bringing life to any occasion comes naturally to Delta and she would love to bring her unique style to yours.


We live in a time where every person or brand is looking to stand out from the crowd. Not everyone is born with the ability to come up with creative strategies that will achieve this goal and this is where a creative strategist and influencer comes in handy.

Delta is the person to call when looking for creative ideas that are out of the box to give your brand an upper hand in any industry. She has a diploma from the Shaw Academy in Digital Marketing, therefore Delta could be your secret weapon to gaining the market recognition your brand deserves.