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October 19, 2017
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Single with a twist

Hip Hop musician Delta The Leo releases her latest single Hold Me Down on 13 February 2018. This single is a twist on the sound from previously released singles Zaga, What’s In It For Me and Let It Be. Hold Me Down, produced by Vava Deceptikonz, comes after the success of her single Let It Be which was featured on the Coast to Coast Reggae international mix with the likes of Vybes Kartel.

The single will be available on all digital download platforms a week from release. Delta The Leo is making the single available to the public for free download via her website.  Her single promotion tour kicks off in the heart Johannesburg and the place that gave birth to her love for music, Alexandra and wraps up in Durban.

The idea behind “Hold Me Down”

Delta The Leo sets out to show off her skills as a singer and not just a hard core rapper. Through this single she touches on the vulnerability of being in love and the experiences that come with it. “I wanted to show that I’m not just my hard exterior, I also have a soft side. Who hasn’t been turned into a marshmallow because of the people they love?” says Delta of the single.

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