As a musician, Delta The Leo's music has bridged the divide between local and international music lovers. Performing in Croatia in 2018 for a crowd of over 20 000 people from various parts of the world proved yet again that music is a language that is universal. Furthermore, having people in Germany enjoying her first single Zaga to being afforded the opportunity to perform at The Weeknd’s Starboy Legend of the fall concert in 2017 thanks to her fourth single Let It Be, she continues to prove that she has exactly what it takes to leave a lasting impression.

Delta has worked with Kenyan producer Kevin Provoke, the Deceptikonz as well as Kenyan rapper Wangechi, and one of South Africa’s Hip Hop pioneers, Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP).

She comes alive on stage, leaving audiences in awe with her musical prowess coupled with her dance skills. She continues to bring her unique brand of music and performances to every stage no matter the size.