Empowering through Art

A big part of what Delta The Leo does is to empower the youth. She firmly believes that no man is an island and that it is important to share one’s knowledge as part of building a legacy. Live.Learn.Inspire Dreamworks (Pty) Ltd. is the vehicle by which Delta is able to pursue her passion for community work. Stemming from her philosophy to Live experiences, Learn from them and Inspire others to make their Dreams work.

Through this platform, Delta is able to mentor and engage with the youth in underprivileged areas bringing them the knowledge she has acquired over the years through her world travels and time in the entertainment industry. She aims to not only impart knowledge but to learn from those she engages with and to encourage more successful youth to mentor others.

This has been achieved through workshops and charity events that have pulled together various sponsors ranging from Converse, Pin Pop, Yoguetta, Red Bull, Midcomp (Pty) Ltd and Shesha Lifestyle to name but a few. Each event or workshop is unique as they set out to achieve different objectives but ultimately align in the aim to encourage the youth to explore their creative talents and pursue possible careers in the creative space. The workshops bring to the fore the realities of working in any creative space, the trials, tribulations but also the revelations and the achievements of hard work. From music, dance to sneaker art and even jewellery design; there is always something for someone to learn.

Getting involved with Live.Learn.Inspire Dreamworks (Pty) Ltd is easy, simply click here to share your workshop/event ideas or to join the team on upcoming projects. It is always great to hear fresh ideas and partner with like-minded people who strive to encourage a generation of Dreamcatchers.