Who is Delta “The Leo” Choshi

Delta “The Leo” Webster-Choshi is a well-known and highly respected entertainment powerhouse. She has honed various artistic skills from a very young age. This Johannesburg-based young musician, dancer and choreographer as well as fitness instructor has showcased her skills and competed with talents from across the globe in Scotland, Italy and South Africa. She has had the pleasure of being coached by Tumi Letsoenyo, Lorcia Cooper, Penelope Thloloe, Buddha Stretch (Michael Jackson’s choreographer), has studied ballet and contemporary. Her natural calling to dance lies in Pantsula (a South African dance style), Hip Hop and Afrobeats (a fusion of African dance styles).

From humble beginnings, born in rural Limpopo; Delta went on to be raised and inspired by the vibrant streets of Johannesburg’s Alexandra Township. She has never been one to let adversity stand in the way of her goals. Through her tenacious attitude, she aims to bring new meaning to the entertainment industry. She has established Live.Learn.Inspire Dreamworks as a means to empower the youth and impart her knowledge.

She continues to do what most are afraid to; live her dream, pursue her passion and speak candidly about her expectations of the industry thus bringing new meaning to the phrase, “a force to be reckoned with.”

Delta The Leo truly is the Jill of all trades, mastering many…